Zumba classes last approximately one hour. The class is powered by high energy music, drawn from a variety of artists and genres. You might hear samba, merengue, or mamba music in a given class, along with many popular artists. The dance choreography is easy-to-learn, featuring moves drawn from styles such as salsa, flamenco, and tango. We are always sure to include fitness moves that target the legs and glutes. We also offer Zumba Step classes, which include the use of steps to further strengthen lower body muscles. Classes begin with a warmup and end with an easy cooldown.


Strong by Zumba takes the music of Zumba and applies it to high intensity, strength building movements. Using fast-paced bodyweight exercises, Strong is a demanding workout for the whole body, including the lungs. Using our interval training method, you will learn to overcome fatigue and push yourself further and further. Strong is perfect for the woman who wants to break through fitness plateaus and get in the best shape of her life. Like Zumba, Strong classes last about one hour.

Group lifting

Our group lifting class hones in on the most effective way to build strength and muscle endurance–resistance training. The class is guided through sets of exercises that work the entire body, using dumbbells and bodyweight exercises. It includes an always-popular ab workout, as well. We provide expert guidance on form and appropriate weight, making the experience appropriate for all skill levels. A 30-minute class, this is perfect for those who have time constraints or those who want to go the extra mile before the next class.

An unlimited pass for fitness classes costs $45 per month or $120 for three months. Unlimited classes are available for $15 per month when purchased in addition to a fitness studio membership. There is an $8 fee for walk-in attendees.

Open gym

Our cardio equipment includes treadmills, recumbent bikes, and–for those who like pain–an Assault AirBike. For weights, we have dumbbells, a cable station, and a variety of low-impact resistance machines that are appropriate for all ages. For those who are interested in a circuit workout, our PA system gives helpful reminders of when it is time to change stations. Of course, you can always just grab some weights and get to work!

A membership for the fitness studio without classes costs $40 per month or $105 for three months. Day passes are available for $5.

Personal training

Although our trainers always help each member as much as possible, those who seek undivided attention from a trainer can sign up for personal training. Personal training is also advisable for those recovering from injury or mobility issues. These sessions are endlessly customizable. Whatever your goals may be, we will help you get there.

Nutrition counseling

The most effective fitness strategy is always to improve one’s diet. Many people are unaware of what and how they should eat. Cindy has spent years learning and communicating about evidence-based nutrition. She knows how to cut to the key aspects of a healthy and effective diet, and has a great deal of experience making it taste good too. Rather than a prepackaged template or a fad diet, she works with each person to help adjust natural eating patterns for optimal health.

Pricing for personal training and nutritional counseling is flexible. Please inquire for more information.